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Hi, I'm Deborah, BANT Registered Nutritionist and I support women over 40 who are struggling with peri-menopause symptoms.


My goal is to help busy women take back control of their health, and regain the energy and motivation to face the challenges of life.


I do this by providing my clients with truly personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice, so that they can find their own long term solutions to great health.

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Do any of these sound familiar?


  • You are always tired, have no energy or feel like you’re ‘running on empty’

  • You suffer with low moods, feel stressed or anxious, or lack motivation

  • You have difficulty losing weight, or feel guilty about eating those foods you love

  • You feel like your hormones are 'out of whack'

  • You are addicted to carbs and sugar and want to take control of your eating

  • You have IBS or digestive symptoms

  • You have difficulty sleeping

If so, you’re in the right place to get the help you need to tackle these issues. 

We can work together to identify and address the root causes and find a long term solution, using a science-based, functional medicine approach. 


I understand how, so often, the pressures of juggling work and family life can impact your own health, and I'd love to help provide you with the tools and motivation you need to change things. 

My clients often report feeling much calmer, more in control, having more energy and motivation (and many lose weight too) after completing my programmes.


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