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Feedback from Clients

"Deborah has given me a personalised insight into the world of nutrition- the old adage ‘you are what you eat’ is so true. Working with her to get the balance right, not only with the foods I eat but through reassessing my whole lifestyle, has had such a huge impact on my overall well-being - mind, body & soul.  For me, initially it was all about losing weight - but it has become so much more than that - it’s been life changing!  Complete lifestyle change, what I eat, exercise routine, positive mindset, weight loss & increased confidence.  Consultations have been professional and insightful….very comprehensive, felt confident & assured in Deborah’s experience and expertise to personally help me in a positive way." (Kate)

"Deborah tailored my existing diet to better suit my lifestyle from information she gained through discussion and assessments with me. I have learnt about the nutritional value of what I’m eating and how important timing and quantities are. I have considerably more physical and emotional energy as well as the tools and information I need to carry on with this positive journey. Deborah has encouraged me with her kind approach, her knowledge and expertise."​


"I liked how Debbie picked out my priorities and we focussed on those.  Because I had so many it was starting to feel overwhelming but focussing on the main ones felt more achievable.

My hot flushes are now virtually non-existent and my brain fog has lifted so that I feel more like a normal person.  I can confidently take my degree course that I was panicking about at the beginning of this year because I thought I would not be able to concentrate.  Now I have completed my first two assignments and feel that the course is going well.  I had so many symptoms of the menopause at the beginning that looking back I don't recognise that person who went through that as I feel like I have a new lease of life.  This is all through the expert guidance of Debbie who has been absolutely amazing with her unfailing support and wealth of knowledge which is breath-taking.  Every time I went to her, she responded quickly and with a high degree of professionalism."  (Emma)

"What an amazing experience this has been, being able to make sense of the dietary issues I have been living with for years.  Now I have successfully made the changes I needed, I can really feel the benefits.  The in-depth knowledge and research carried out by my practitioner has been incredible." (Victoria)

"I found Deborah to be really friendly and approachable.  She had masses of information which she shared in a way that was relaxed and not overwhelming, she was very responsive to queries and I found having someone encouraging me and giving me pointers along the way really helpful.  I think after years of on and off dieting it was great to review everything with Deborah and see how things could be connected and look at my nutrition as to where the cause of problems could be.  I would definitely recommend Deborah - informative, helpful, positive and encouraging was a great combination for me."


“Having been feeling unwell for many years with sleep and digestive problems and many visits to see GP, which would result in pills and potions that would only treat symptoms never getting to the real cause. I cut gluten from my diet and started to eat healthy whole foods. I tried to help myself but could never quite work things out properly. I found Debbie through my local complimentary health centre. Debbie was professional and competent. We talked through my problems and Debbie advised a new diet regime and supplements. I knew this wouldn’t be a quick fix but with Debbie’s expertise, she would get to the root cause. With thyroid problems I have never been able to lose weight, well I’ve lost 16lbs. Bowel problems of at least 25 years improving dramatically. Still a long way to go but feeling optimistic and with Debbie’s help looking forward to optimal health”.  (Anne)

“When my daughter Jodie was first diagnosed with Crohn's disease I was very frightened, I was so worried about what impact it would have on her life. I began to explore how I could help her. I contacted Debbie and she came to see us almost immediately, she spent time asking incisive questions, with great kindness and sympathy. She then sent me a report with a list of suggested supplements and recipes that she felt would help Jodie regain good health. Since then we are definitely seeing an improvement in Jodie, she is gaining weight, her hair and nails are shining again and she isn’t as exhausted as she once was. I have turned to Debbie when I needed answers and support, she is very approachable, diligent and thorough”. (Karen)

“Having followed the dietary advice and guidance you gave me, my health (mentally and physically) has really improved. I’m far more aware of the benefits of good food and have developed a real interest in good nutrition and an awareness of the huge impact it has on so many aspects on health and well being. This has spilled into my professional life as a nurse too. I  love reading and listening to podcasts about all things on this subject, thank you“


Feedback from talk attendees

“Such a big topic that Deborah summarised brilliantly. Thank you.”

“A good overview of a complicated subject.  Many thanks to Deborah”


“Deborah was a brilliant speaker, speaking on a topic of importance to us all.” 


(NWR talk on The Gut Brain Connection, April 2021)

“Enjoyed the interactive session, recipes good” ... “It was perfect” ... “Enjoyed writing up on the whiteboard, tasting the recipes and the recipe handout is great, thank you” ... “Enjoyed it and very interesting information shared” ... “Thank you so much for your interesting talk”  (fitness 'bootcamp' talk)


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